We know: an audit is one of the most effective tools for examining financial activities of the company.

An audit for the experts of BLcons Group is based on the principles of an independent research, objective approach and it guarantees the honesty of the given reports / results and their confidentiality.

The experts in initiated and statutory audit and financial statements are working at the special Group department – Audit and Book-keeping department. They are highly specialized professionals with extensive basis and they know all the ins and outs of the audit.

The important factor of the BLcons Group’s audit effectiveness is building the strong and trust-based relationship with third party audit committees and statutory auditors of the parent companies.

We provide the following services in this department/This department provides the following services:

  • audit to verify conformance of the accounting statement to the international standards and Russian legislation;
  • restatement of IFRS and RAS accounts;
  • restoration of financial and fiscal accounting.

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Legal assistance

We believe: thorough awareness and approved legal foundation simplify making the business decisions, insure against undesirable legal problems and they are also an immutable foundation for successful business. The professionals of BLcons Group are ready to support our clients at all stages of business operations, forming comfortable and legally secure terms on each step.

We highly appreciate the trust that our clients put in our company and promise not only justify, but surpass our business partners expectations. The reputation is priceless, that is why our specialists are the true experts in their field. We adhere to the highest standards and we just as our clients would not settle for anything less than that. BLcons Group offer a whole range of services of regulating concomitant questions efficiently, legally and favorably.

We provide the following services:

  1. Legal assistance at the stage of business creation – (non-)profit organizations registration, including organizations with foreign investments.
  2. Legal assistance during the process of developing business:
    1. corporate relationship;
    2. work relationship;
    3. commercial activities;
    4. finances;
    5. protection of the organization’s rights by judicial means.
  3. Legal assistance at the stage of business liquidation or sale.

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We promise: responsible and professional approach to the tasks, solution of which was entrusted to us by our client. The procedure of transfer to IFRS is an important process and the wrong management of this process can prevent the company from moving to a new level, create a lot of problems and harm reputation on a local level. The aim of our client is to become a part of business community on an international level. The specialists of BLcons Group participate in achieving this aim at every stage: beginning at planning of transfer to IFRS taking into account the specific characteristics of the particular company to its successful realization.

One of criteria of business relationship development is the level of confidence of foreign investors in running a business in the Russian Federation. Our specialists make their contribution on forming the image of home business environment and increasing confidence of foreign partners. Raising business transparency and the ability of managing risks are important factors both for the Russian and the foreign companies. Filing reliable reports about the company in conformity with international standards is sure way to move your company to a new level.

A range of services offered by BLcons Group is aimed, in the first place, at creating the trusting and objective attitude towards documents which show the actual state of financial affairs in your company.

We provide the following services:

  • detailed planning of the transfer to IFRS for your company;
  • examination of company’s RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) and correlation of financial and bookkeeping reporting principles according to IFRS and RAS;
  • drawing-up of financial reporting according to IFRS;
  • dealing with the financial reporting software according to IFRS;
  • consulting on the matters of the development and improvement of information flows and management accounting of your company in order to transfer to IFRS;
  • working-out of the company’s internal rules of drawing up the reporting according to IFRS.

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We offer: to assess the establishment of your business-interest professionally and open-mindedly. Any decision is preceded by the process of research and review. Thorough awareness and reliable information about the establishment essentially/considerably simplify the decision process: whether engage in a transaction, obtain business or refuse further cooperation. Unbiased assessment of BLcons Group experts will create comfortable and legally secure conditions for your further steps in business.

Due-diligence implies the thorough assessment of an establishment by carrying out examination of three types:

  1. Financial examination will help to analyze the invested establishment according to revenues and expenditures and to evaluate present assets.
  2. Appraisal will show the status of the establishment in the field, its position as compared to the competitors and the variants of the most profitable use of it.
  3. Legal examination will allow revealing the legal relationship in the establishment and legal principles of the organization of its activity.

Received data will be an objective and secure basis for making further decisions. Moreover the experts of BLcons Group not just assess the neighboring risks but they can draw up the recommendations representing the list of practical measures which suit best for the situation. Whatever decision you made, the support of BLcons experts does not end at this point. The specialists from the other departments will continue working with you and will help you with the relevant matter if necessary.

We provide the following services:

  • legal examination of an establishment;
  • financial examination of an establishment;
  • appraisal of an establishment;
  • forming the statement and drawing-up the recommendations about the company’s activities.

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We are proud of our specialists’ knowledge and professionalism therefore we are sure in the quality of services that we offer to our clients. Taxation is one of the key directions of the BLcons Group activity. The department, specializing in taxation, exists for over 12 years since the moment of foundation of the first BLcons Group’s company.

Different projects have been realized by our specialists during this period: beginning with winning the case in court, receiving VAT refund from the budget to the prognostic work based on the evaluation of tax risks. Our competence allows our clients to assert their rights and interests in the tax environment that is very important in modern life.

The taxes are an integral part of the functioning economic system and our mission is to make the clients avoid all of the legal details of this system’s organization and to make them feel safe as being a part of it. Solving problems in the taxation sphere, in the policy making for the challenging decision of the taxation bodies or the preparation of the complaint to the Department of the Federal Tax Service – our experts always stand guard over your interests.

We provide the following services:

  • securing the legitimacy of the tax control procedures;
  • representing the interests for tax disputes in court;
  • tax consulting;
  • developing the strategy for the withdrawal of the tax bodies’ decisions or reducing the amount of the taxes;
  • forming the tactics for the legitimate annulment of the tax, management, criminal and legal liabilities.

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We value our clients’ trust and aim at realizing all possible initiatives for their prosperity. Today the IT field is one of the main directions of the development. The effective use of IT-field achievements may yield a considerable amount of dividends and have a beneficial effect on the company’s achievements.

Most of the business-processes of the company are computerized, but there is no guarantee that all data are used according to their intended purpose and to the proper extent. It is often necessary to normalize the existing structures for accomplishing the current business-tasks and moving to a new level. The experts of the BLcons Group’s IT-department are specialized in the research of the enterprise’s technological infrastructure.

The analysis of all business-processes management systems of the company allows forming an ideal model of the system’s work for the specific enterprise. The next step is a creation of the recommendation list. This list contains our IT-experts’ recommendations for the variants of the optimization of existing programs’ use and the ability of obtaining and implementing of the additional infrastructure taking into account the problem areas of our client’s company.

We provide the following services:

  • the analysis of the technological aspect of the business-process organization;
  • detection of the optimal tactics of the modernization of the software use according to the client’s tasks;
  • working-out of the recommendations for the effective use of the existing enterprise’s infrastructure;
  • implementation of the original optimization developments.

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